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Pinball Parts

More Ways To Help

Email us if you have your own idea of how you can help POP. We would love to hear from you!

  • Make a tax deductable donation through paypal to
  • When you buy on Amazon start with this link and a donation from eligible purchases will go to POP
    Amazon Smile
  • Donate a pinball machine! (email us for info:
  • Volunteer
  • Hold a fundraiser, or a fundraiser tournament! (email us for ideas)
  • Donate your airline miles! The POP traveling program can always use your airline miles for car rentals and travel associated with the program.
  • Donate new prizes, gift cards, gift certificates, etc for us to use in our fundraising events
  • Help us get more likes on Facebook and other social media. Spread the word! Share our posts!

Volunteer Opportunities

Fill out a Volunteer Application here:

Please email for more info. Thank you!

What our volunteers have to say:

I enjoy volunteering at POP because of the people who come through the door. Whether it's a regular or a first timer people are excited to be at POP and to play the game. So many people have shared their memories of playing in the past it's fun to see their inner kid come out when they get into a machine. As an educator and youth worker I very much believe in the overall mission of POP and am inspired by the work they do for young people and the community!  -Amy F. (volunteer since 2015)