Superleague Winners

POP Superleague

Announcing the POP SuperLeague! This is a new weekly event being held at POP HQ in Portland, OR. It is a new kind of casual pinball league that anyone can take part in and play on their own schedule. Here is how it works.

  1. The first Monday of the month, POP HQ will publish the six games that make up the SuperLeague that week.

  2. Go to POP HQ anytime during normal business hours and say "I want to play a SuperLeague entry!" and play those six games. Your scores are recorded. This must be done before COB the following Sunday.

  3. If you're not happy with your entry, you can take try again, but all scores on the new entry replace all scores on the old one.

  4. At the end of the week, scores are ranked and totaled.

  5. Repeat for the next two weeks.

  6. At the end of three weeks, the weekly totals are combined to determine the winners for that month! The top four people will play in a finals at POP HQ the Saturday after the last week.

  7. World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points rankings will be assigned every month for every player who participates!

Feel free to check out the complete rules for SuperLeague or come by POP HQ at 5136 NE 42nd Ave and find out more. We'll be glad to get you started.

Current SuperLeague Standings